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INFLATION – Consumer Prices Jump 5%, Fastest Pace Since 2008

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The tradition of the Democrat governments still continues. Latest reports from May 2021 indicate that consumer prices went up. The Consumer Price Index skyrocketed to five percent compared to 2020. This news will definitely cause new major conflict between the most important political factors in the country, as well as their counterparts in all aspects of the economic, social, financial, and cultural spheres.

The reports from the CPI show that American consumers suffered a rise in prices of 0.5-0.6 percent each month this year compared to the last. However, the consensus forecast shows a significant 4.7 percent expense in all prices, which is unacceptable for the economy according to professional economists and experts. On the other hand, such a “heavy hit” is unknown for the American economy since 2008.

This leads all people to believe that a new huge wave of inflation is coming. The claims are factual and very real, especially if you compare the situation with the crisis in 2008.

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More symptomatic is the reading for core inflation, stripping out volatile food and energy prices where the prices are going to rise up to 3.5 percent. This is quite unpleasant and distressing knowing the fact that something like this hasn’t happened to the US economy (especially food production and energy resources in this case) in 28 years.

Other important changes in the prices are the prices for used cars and trucks (up to 7.3 percent in May/ 29.7 percent compared to 2020). Federal Reserve officials and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen tried to calm the public because, as she claims, the shift in prices was expected but at the end of the year the US economy is supposed to maintain the perfect balance to overcome the losses caused by the past period by the COVID crisis.

However, the new budget plan originating from the Biden administration’s experts is quite focused on enforcing more taxes and needless expenses. The GOP senators and representatives announced that their intentions are to prevent the damage from any negative law enforced by the Democrats that is going to destabilize the US economy. The situation will eventually improve because inflation must be stopped by all means, but the general population will have to adapt to the new standards.


Kamala Harris Snapped on Live Interview and Embarrassed Herself with Absurd Statement

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Kamala Harris’ visit of Mexico sparked new series of conclicts and accusations between the Democrats and Republicans regarding the critical situation on the border. The migrant crisis might evolve in something even worse if there is no cooperation and communication between the two countries of each side of the border. On the other hand, this new approach by Harris and the new Biden administration is diametrically the opposite of what President Donald Trump wanted to complete to solve the crisis.

In her interview she was definitely “harrased” by the media with quite unpleasant questions. As usual, VP Kamala Harris was not able to give a correct answer.

Lester Holt’s questions were unpleasant for Harris. Reports show that the new “transparency” by the most eminent White House officials are She asked the most important question: is Kamala Harris going to finally visit the border and manage the crisis as she is truly supposed to?

“We’ve been to the border. We’ve been to the border,” Kamala tried to manipulate the situation in her favor.

“You haven’t been to the border,” Lester Holt said.

“And I haven’t been to Europe. I don’t understand the point you’re making,”
Kamala Harris said laughing.

Next, she tried to explain that if she is in Guatemala, Guatemala is the only thing that matters at the moment. This is even more ridiculous and absurd at the same time because she snapped on live camera and said that she was in Guatemala while she actually was in Mexico.

This will infuriate the conservative wing in both Congress and Senate. There are a couple of important reasons why.

First of all, Harris insisted on running the new project of solving the immigrant/border crisis, of course, in the role of “project manager”. Many independent experts warned that she won’t be able to cover all of the important aspects knowing the fact that she already has “too much on her plate”. Her overly ambitious way of doing things, on the contrary, is opposite of Biden’s nonchalant approach to all important matters for the USA.

On the other hand, her ideas to work in cooperation with the Mexican government is completely correct, but not to put the USA in a submissive position. America, as it seems, has nothing to worry about. The American side of the border is heavily guarded and protected, while on the Mexican side of the borders there are whole regions where narco cartels are more powerful than the federal and local government.

It’s yet to be seen the final outcome of this “campaign” in the south, but experts speculate that we cannot expect much. Democrats will be focused on keeping the illegal immigrants and converting them to their own supporters because they actively aided the pro-immigrant policy for more than a decade.

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Alyssa Milano To Run for Congress in 2024

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Interesting news comes from Hollywood, the place of the new liberal wave of celebrities involved in political activism. As the latest reports read, the popular Hollywood actress and member of the Democrat Party, Alyssa Milano, is considering running for a mandate in Congress.

The actress is bidding for her own place in the House of Representatives and she is a die-hard Joe Biden supporter. According to reports, her statement reads:

“I’m looking at California’s 4th District to potentially run against [Rep. Tom] McClintock (R).”

This is Milano’s response to McClintock’s victory in the reelection in 2020 by winning 56% of the votes against his Democrat counterpart.

“It’s going to take someone with, I think, name recognition and deep pockets to be able to run against McClintock, and so I’m considering it. I’m basically gathering information right now, speaking to different consultants, speaking to the community,” Milano continued.

“I would love to maybe consider flipping that seat blue.”

The Hollywood actress made it clear who is she standing with on the American political scene and, lately, she is very active on mainstream social media platforms such as Twitter.

Her comments are often discriminating and absurd, which is welcomed with criticism by the Republican voters.

In another tween she directly presents her views on the American law enforcement, with quite a radical theory:

Every attempt to blame the government for white supremacism is unacceptable to many, especially when knowing that the USA was led by a black POTUS for 2 mandates, not to mention that in the public administration as well as the private sector, people of all races and religions are treated equally.

Her political career is still unclear, but the new Democrat leadership is in close communication and cooperation with many popular celebrities from the mainstream media and Hollywood. This is one of their projects to secure more votes from the general population, especially from the youngest generations of voters.

However, it is still unclear if these “tactics” are going to work. A large majority of the population is showing clear disappointment in the duo Harris-Biden. Also, the Hollywood elites are not able to enjoy the same level of respect and admiration as they were in the past. The cultural shock of the tendentious and populistic involvement of artists of any kind in political propaganda by the government is common for socialist regimes. Everybody has the right and the chance to be politically active and share their opinion in public, but it is clear to many what is actually going on behind the closed curtains of Hollywood.

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If Sunlight Continues, Expect More of This – Alameda County, CA, Significantly Lowers COVID Death Toll After Review of Records

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The COVID-19 pandemic was a true challenge for humanity. Every state and institution was affected by the new lifestyle and restrictions, let alone the normal way of living and functioning. However, the transparent media must report about the malversations and manipulations regarding many COVID-19 cases and the sole nature of the virus.

Another proof of this highly corrupted and undescribable “habit” of many public health institutions comes from the Alameda Country, California. In this county, after a review of “cause of death” records and certificates, it is concluded that the actual death toll caused by COVID is lower by 25%.

This leads the public to believe that the speculations of manipulated COVID fatality records are actually true. In fact, this is not an isolated case only in the USA. Manipulation of COVID fatality records is noted all over the world, in some under-developed countries even to a much higher extent.

However, it is shocking and unacceptable for the USA to apply such low standards. On the other hand, this is an extremely sensitive issue for those who have deceased ones during the COVID pandemic.

“There are definitely people who died from reasons that were clearly not caused by COVID,”

said Neetu Balram, a spokesperson for the Alameda County Public Health Department.

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Balram couldn’t give specifics about the true cause of death for the 411 people removed from the COVID-19 data, but she said the cases were identified after reviewing codes entered by county coroners into CalREDIE, the state’s database for disease reporting and surveillance. Alameda County uses CalREDIE data to populate its COVID dashboard.

As the report reads, the best “trick” to raise the COVID death toll is not to differ between dying WITH COVID and dying FROM COVID. In most of the objected cases, COVID is not the factual reason for death.

It is once again very symptomatic to see how Donald Trump was actually right when he opened this topic. Back then, he faced fierce attacks against him by the Democrats, the media, and many different “experts” who are in favor of the left.

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic was mostly due to bad communication between the countries and poor decision-making by the World Health Organization. At the same time, politicians such as Donald Trump were oppressed and directly opposed by the media and the left only because they were suspicious and full of criticism about the way we’re dealing with the virus.

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